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Maximizing XP

Discussion in 'COD Warzone' started by FeartheKitten, Nov 2, 2022.

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    I got 8 tips for you to optimize your gaming so you can focus on the maximum amount of XP possible. It's up to you how much you want to invest into the grind, but if you end up using a couple tips it will go a long way.

    1) XP Tokens

    XP tokens countdown in real time, not game time. I suggest the weapon tokens are best used when you have about 5 - 7 levels remaining on a weapon. The best way to utilize the XP token right now is going into Spec Ops and doing the Defender mission (~15/20 minutes). The mission is to survive waves and waves of AI which means not only are you racking up a ton of kills but shooting helicopters, vehicles, and using streaks will get you every ounce of that double token.

    2) Daily Missions

    There are two types of daily missions available - Spec Ops and Multiplayer. Once you complete the 3 daily tasks for 7500 XP, you unlock a 2 bonus challenges worth 10K. I would target both of the daily missions first, you can get up to 35000 XP in a single day doing it.

    3) Spec-Ops Defender Mission

    I touched on this with XP tokens but this is a great game mode to get some easy weapon levels. At the start of the match there is a weapon rack next to the buy station that two weapons from each class. I generally use one weapon for the entire match, but sometimes Ill have to switch weapons so I try to take guns that arent leveled. Typically earn 5-7 weapon levels per match.

    4) Invasion

    Invasion game mode you are awarded 100 weapon xp for every player and AI that you kill. This is by far the fastest way to level up guns (until they nerf it). Starting at level 1 you can simply work yourself into the flanks and camp the helicopter landing zones. I suggest bringing a launcher to take out the helicopters after the AI get off this way you can maximize XP toward progressing (about 550xp per chopper) and then slaughter the AI with the weapon you are leveling. As you rank up, eventually you will get Tac Insertions, Ammo Boxes, Ghost, and other things that will help speed up the process and get you bigger gains.

    5) Party Up

    15% XP boost to Character and Weapon while in a party. If you can get 1 Playstation person in there you will receive the Playstation Party bonus which is an additional 25% to weapon to xp. This stacks with tokens.

    6) Score = XP

    Most things you do in the game generate score, whether it be a headshot, first blood, resupplying team mates ect ect. Every point of score you get is converted to XP. With that in mind I advise that when you are not actively shooting someone you should do things that will generate score. Throwing decoy grenades, UAVs up, damaging vehicles, dropping ammo boxes, reviving team mates, and obviously playing the objectives will go such a long way. If you are playing the objective, and you kill someone who is near a decoy grenade and so does a team amte, and you resupply someone on the objective you will get: 100XP Kill, 100XP Point Defend, 75XP Distracted Enemy, 50XP Distracted Enemy Assist, 75XP Resupply, and 135XP Revive = 535xp.

    7) Score Streaks

    Settings your streaks by score is far more efficient than kills. A score streak is roughly 125 points times a kill. So a 4 Kill streak = 500 points. Well if you kill someone you still get 125 points, or 135 +10 every consecutive headshots. Assists do nothing for your kill streaks but that +75xp will add up for score streaks. And then on top of that, if you use a mortar and get a few kills those kills will not count toward a kill streak... But guess what? The points will count toward a score streak. Score streaks much better

    8) Objective Games

    To really maximize your output and not play Invasion or Ground Way then the best mode to play is 6v6 Objective games. Hardpoint and Domination are the best, but Kill Confirmed grants a lot of additional XP when you pick up tags. I would actually avoid games like S&D, TDM, and FFA because even though S&D awards a pretty good xp bonus, you can play rounds and get very little kills, the games tend to last the match time, and you don't get all of the fancy objective XP out there.

    Those are my best and most optimized xp tips - they did nerf spec ops vehicle farming a bit so I expect them to nerf the Invasion style soon so get it while you can. Somewhere between 20-25 hours I reached max level, maxed several weapons, and currently attempting Gold camo for the battle rifles.

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