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[MW2] Gunsmith Stat Bars Are Meaningless

Discussion in 'COD Warzone' started by FeartheKitten, Nov 29, 2022.

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    Okay so this is actually a prelude to another post regarding weapon building and attachments. But, before we can understand how and why we build weapons in a way that actually makes them worse we have to come to terms that the gunsmith stat bars are trash.

    Wait, they're not trash, they are misleading and generally are used as the banner for bad information all over the internet. This is not new, the MW2019 stat bars were infamously wrong. Even in the age of information, people will still believe a certain gun can statistically do something it cant... The Kastov 545 only does 26 damage to the chest up to 29m... Thats it, thats like a scientific number that nothing will ever change except damage range. But really the problem stems from poor visibility, lack of numerical data, and crap UX design by Infinity Ward.

    I can partly explain why some of the stat bars don't make sense - lets look at mobility. Weapons do not have a mobility score, rather mobility consists of movement speed, ads speed, sprint-out speed, hip-fire spread, and idle aim sway. But, handling also consists of ads speed, hip-fire accuracy, damage range, rate of fire, idle aim sway, and ADS movement speed....

    See the problem, there are a ton of little nuances that influence each bar. Now, we have no idea what the numerical value of each bar is. To make matters even worse, the bars are not consistent among different weapons or weapon class types so... Stop using the bars as a way to compare weapons.

    Here is an example of what I am talking about, look at these 3 different weapons:

    Based on these bars we can totally tell the one on top does the most damage. Possibly ties at range and accuracy with the bottom weapon. The weapon in the middle is definitely worse than both of the other weapons but seems consistent.

    And here is the big reveal:

    WHAT!? The Kastov 545 is trash, why does it says its almost better than a sniper rifle.

    In terms of damage per shot the SP-X sniper obviously does 100 damage, the STB does 36, and the kastov does 26. IF you combine the ADS time + TTK you will see the Kastov is still the slowest killing weapon.

    Maybe the kastov 545 shows higher because the Rate of Fire? Nope... the STB has a fire rate of 741 while the kastov has a mere 652.

    Let's keep going, the SP-X has the best handling stats even though it has the slowest ADS, worst hipfire, slowest ads movement, slowest movement period, and has the worst idle-sway.

    So let's clarify some stupid myths that exist in the game for each stat bar:

    Damage - There are no attachments in the game that increase a weapons per shot damage to health or plates. You can however increase per shot damage to vehicles and kill streaks.

    Incendiary rounds will add 6 damage over 6 seconds but it does NOT stack.

    Explosive rounds have no effect on players despite visually implying they do.

    Fire Rate - Unless an a trigger, bolt, or comb specifically states it will alter the fire-rate to semi or automatic the fire rates do not change.

    Range - Attachments that effect damage range only effect the 1st damage drop off. If an attachment increases damage range of that kastov by 10% it'll change the 1st drop off from 29m to 31.9m

    Accuracy - Idle Sway and Aiming Stability are the same thing - the sway still happens even when you are shooting unlike in MW2019. +Stabilization attachments will help combat that

    Recoil Control - The game is aware of visual recoil. You can stack recoil control on a weapon but the amount of visual recoil will be the same. +Recoil Smoothness +Stability will help combat visual recoil

    Mobility and Handling - The slower your ADS speed is, the better your recoil will be... is just not true. I know a handful of folks on youtube and shit are saying this but its not right. A lot of attachments that increase ADS speed do effect recoil and same is true going the other way. But there is a rule of thumb.

    For every attachment that has +10% ADS Speed usually packs a -20% Recoil Control. Then when an attachments as +20% Recoil Control it usually packs a -5% ADS speed. Its not equal, pushing for ADS speed is much more difficult than pushing for recoil control.

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