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[MW2] News 11/30 - Raid Mode and Events

Discussion in 'COD Warzone' started by FeartheKitten, Nov 30, 2022.

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    All righty, its about that time we will start seeing quite of bit noise coming from MW2022 and Warzone 2.0.

    IW is infamous for introducing something then basically for a two week period they will focus all of their attention on that. Which currently is Warzone 2.0.

    The key date coming up is going to be December 15th - which also happens to be the end of regular season 1 and starts Season 1 Reloaded.

    New Map:

    Shipment should be coming on Dec 15th or close to it - if you are big on tier 1 you might have to wait a few weeks before there is a Tier 1 Shipment/Shoot House play list. If you still have guns to level up this might be a good time to save some XP tokens and go run the shipment gauntlet for an hour. Kill Confirmed is still the best 6v6 xp.

    New Mode:

    Raid mode should be dropping on the 15th. We don't know too much about it but we do know they are missions they extend the main story and explore different characters. You and two buddies will go into a Raid mission and use a mixture of stealth, gun play, and puzzle solving to complete the missions. Since these are tied to the Spec Ops platform it might be a good idea to start working on your spec op missions so you can level up your classes. On a side note, Spec Ops are an excellent way to level up guns since every AI killed grants 100 weapon XP.

    Double XP:

    Starting December 1st until December 2nd is Double Player XP - I do not not think this applies to weapons which is strange, but what is more strange is every xp you earn goes to your guns anyways sooooo I guess it will apply to the weapons. Invasion is probably still the fastest and most consistent weapon XP possible.

    Free Multiplayer:

    December 15th will mark free multiplayer for about 7 days. As long as you have Warzone installed you can access a handful of 6v6 playlists. Again another good way to level up weapons even though DMZ is lovely.

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