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Slightly Seasoned Players Start Here

Discussion in 'Escape from Tarkov' started by FeartheKitten, Jan 31, 2022.

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    If you have come here you probably fall into one the next three (four?) categories?

    A) You got your feet wet and had some decent luck so you are starting to feel pretty salty, what's next?

    B) You got kicked in both the front and back of the ball bag, so when is it fun?

    C) You feel like your getting better but you just aren't seeing the results, how do I progress?

    D) You just got done slaughtering a 3 man squad of level 14 PMCs because new wipe, same shit. Got anything to add?

    If you are A through C you definitely should go ahead and take in some of this advice and knowledge, not all of it will apply because I think the intermediate player is quite diverse. I mean, hell, this is my 3rd wipe and I am still learning some new stuff.

    General Advice:

    + The game wipes every 6ish months so don't rush and stress out trying to do it all
    + Narrow your wipes "meta" to focus on fewer pieces of the game, whether it be strictly PVP, hideout, learning weapons, maps, learning crafts, market, bitcoin farm ect. You will learn far more spending more time in less categories
    + Never stop learning the maps. A lot of routes have changed since majority of player base is in squads so what you may all ready know as a rule of thumb has changed. I suggest going
    + Efficiency from mastering aspects - simply put as you master individual pieces of the game the day will come when you put it all together and you will be far more efficient
    + Change it up, if you are running 5 mans, try doing duos or solos, or vice versa.
    + Money Saved. You need to master at least one of the money-making techniques. Either Efficient Loot running, Scav running, or familiarizing with crafts/barters that generate consistent income.
    + Money Spent. Money sitting in your stash is a waste, only save up what you need to buy, other than that spend it all.
    + Grind Traders, regardless of what you focus on for the wipe usually you will want to get the traders as fast as possible
    + Tasks, unless you are going for Kappa or unlocking a few Trader items you can stop once you get to Flea Market

    Load Outs:

    + Kit readiness and retention should not be an issue, if all of your equipment comes from flea you will have a major cash vacuum
    + I store 3 sets of 2 types of kits: 1st Class 3 Tasking Gear and 2nd Class 4 PVP/Loot Gear. These are all ready to get go as soon as a lobby is formed.
    + I store 1 set of high end PVP gear which is strictly used for Factory 3v3 and Labs
    + Scav runs finance my general equipment, I typically average 700k roubles on woods in 3 scav raids so that pays for nearly all of my Class 3 and 4 sets
    + Use and Stock method - if I take medical, grenade, or food equipment I replace it as soon as I draw it.
    + Research storage items - there are a few methods to get them quickly or cheaply and if you want to get real creative a mixture of barter plus crafts can net you them cheap

    Money Making:

    + Items cash price will change over the course of a wipe, some items that sell well early on will get very cheap later.
    + Crafted quality items sell for a lot early but taper off later
    + Cheap loot items sell for little but sell for a lot later
    + Food items can be worth alot
    + Some barter items are worth doing just to sell
    + Learn weapons, you can make a fortune buying Flea Market weapons and selling them to traders
    + Flea Market Banned Items will sell for a ton of money "in raid." Go make friends.
    + I highly advise you do not try to sell Flea Market Banned items online and meet folks in raid, because you cannot put it in secured pouch, they can just kill you.
    + When selling large stack of items on flea its better to up the price
    + Some items have potential value when you passively collect a ton. AFAKs for example, go for around 24k, I dont use them but if I find them I will keep them unless I find something better. At the end of the week I mightly collect 18 so I will put them on at 29k a piece
    + Set up a night raid kit specifically for looting, go to the best map you know... Count stacks of money in the dead of night

    New Opportunities:

    + Use the wipes as means to try out new things and experiment. Same applies to a squad, use a squad differently, see what you can do
    + Play a map differently, not advocating extract camping, but if you know the routes players will take find a position along the way to dish out maximum damage.
    + Push yourself to get better, put yourself in unfavorable positions - follow a squad and see how long you can go undetected.
    + Fuck around with Voip, dress up like a scav, shit on the 9 year old kid who keeps saying he fucked your mom
    + Most importantly, don't try to do everything at once. Break it up in bite sized pieces and accomplish (or fail) at goals you set for yourself. Dont worry about how much money your buddy has in his inventory, or stash value, or who cares about your stats. Set goals and expectations for yourself and try to meet them. If you dont ask yourself why not and adjust?

    And for those that want to know, the average player stats that we think we might know is the following:

    Marauder Survival Class
    30-40% Survival Rate
    1.5 - 2.0 KDR

    Average player reaches Level 15 Flea in about 70 raids.

    Average player completes about 250 - 300 raids in a wipe.

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