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[MW2] Why Overkill will hold you back in Warzone 2.0?

Discussion in 'COD Warzone' started by FeartheKitten, Nov 10, 2022.

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    Overkill has a history of being the most essential and also completely unessential all at the same time. Somehow Overkill defies space-time logic in that you get a perk that allows your character to pick two primary weapons... yet you can still pick up two primary weapons with out it. The biggest conflict has been with Ghost. Do you Ghost up and stay off the map or do you run two weapons.

    Well, Ghost and Overkill are no longer in the same bracket so the choice is much similar but they both have somethings to consider. Ghost is useless if you arent running a suppressor or subsonic munitions. Overkill takes a slot from more useful perks that can have a bigger impact than just selecting two guns.

    Warzone 2.0 is double-downing on this proposition now that you can buy your primary weapons with out even selecting a load out. I think a lot of players are going to continue using Overkill and effectively playing the game with one less perk. This is why.

    During the game, any buy stations you go to will have the option to purchase one of your primary weapons. You can build up to 15 weapons that are not assigned to a load out as your primary guns. If you have enough money you can simply buy two of your primary weapons and pick them up. Do not mistake this for load outs.

    You can acquire your actual load outs with perks and lethals through in-game event or through a blacksite. Blacksites are randomized or if you complete a stronghold. But this too is redundant as you can also purchase a primary weapon from a blacksite.

    I would recommend building out a loadout with a primary weapon and selecting two useful perks that can provide game changing effects such as Bomb Squad, Scavenger, or even Extra Tac to name a few... Check out the perk guide for more details: https://www.xetactical.com/index.php?threads/mw2-perks-guide.2471/

    Now, it seems that getting access to primary weapons is far more reasonable and easier that you can even build variable weapons to swap out as the match goes on. For example, I would build the same rifle with and without a suppressor. This way if I don't have Ghost active then the negatives from the suppressor just aren't worth it. The meta in this game how you use what you can now.

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